Streams now update every minute and clips now update much more often.

I was investigating a potential issue with notifications and realised that things really didn't update as often as they could. When I first wrote everything it was with the intention of causing as little load on the server as possible as we were hosted for free. As we now have our own server to go nuts with I unshackled a lot of the backend and let it go wild.

The stream list now updates every minutes and we now pull clips from Twitch nearly constantly. The clips views on the site are still cached for 10 minutes but I will probably reduce that in the coming days.

Also if you missed it we have a new user scripts page now which adds HasRoot history buttons to Twitch VODs and Clips so you can go straight from the moment you are watching to other streamers points of view!



Last updated at 2019-09-05 21:43:59